Consider using one of the following:

  1. A designed soft foam system specifically developed for the characteristics of the product. These protect fragile items from normal package handling conditions.
  2. Foam-in-place or foam-in-bag cushions are formed by a chemical mixture that expands and forms a protective mold around contents. The foam must be evenly distributed to protect the product. Since this material is offered in varying densities select he most appropriate foam to meet the requirements of the product.
  3. Double-boxing is a method of protecting fragile items where the packaging is not suitable for shipment by a carrier, like UPS, that use manual and automated distribution systems. The original packaging should be in good condition and intact, ensuring the item cannot move. Select a new shipping container with the strength recommended that is at least six inches (15.24cm) larger than each of the original box’s dimensions. Place the original box in the center and around all six sides with two to three inches (5.08cm-7.62cm) of loose fill (for merchandise up to 10lbs/ 4.54 kg), – bubble sheeting (for merchandise up to 50lbs/22.68 kg), foam-in-place, polyethylene foam pads, or other dunnage material.